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Purple and Green: The Macro

Posted in Politics and Society with tags on April, 2011 by melendwyr

Link to mupetblast/Dain’s Entitled to an Opinion post:

Egalitarianism in most cases is not based on a real wish for all people to be equal in social and economic condition. It is rather the stratagem of those who wish to advance their own social and economic status at the expense of others whose status is higher. Rather than working to advance themselves within the extant structure of civil society, they seek to alter political arrangements so as to cast down those whom they envy and despise, and to exalt themselves in their stead. Marxism is an ideology designed to order for this purpose.

It’s worth noting that Karl Marx was a pretty complete failure: economically, socially, and interpersonally. Of his seven children, only three survived to adulthood. Marx came from an middle-class background, and fell about as far as it was possible to fall in his world without dying as a result. I’m reasonably confident he felt he was inherently entitled to more than he received, and I suspect he was constitutionally incapable of even considering the possibility that he was to blame for his status and state. The result?

Well, you know the rest. Perhaps. Have you ever actually read Marx’s works? I have – and they are every bit as absurd as his most scathing critics have suggested.