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Dresden Codak is up again!

Posted in Comics, Things You Should Read with tags , , on March, 2014 by melendwyr

Dark Science #31:  Escalation

A truly excellent webcomic.  It’s a shame his long periods between postings limit the attention he can get.

Still, it could be worse, as my next post will discuss.


Dresden Codak vs. Eliezer Yudkowsky?

Posted in Comics with tags , , on April, 2011 by melendwyr

See the latest update of Dresden Codak ( #9 of the Dark Science series). Does anything about it seem… familiar… to you?

As per request, a link has been added to the comic in question.

Dresden Codak: Dark Science

Posted in Reviews, Science!, Things You Should Read with tags on June, 2010 by melendwyr

Ooh, a new DC comic!

Not as wacky or as inspired as Codak’s work usually is, but I’m grateful for anything given how much time passes between updates. Plus this is the beginning of a new series, so the use of an old and shopworn joke isn’t as objectionable as it might have otherwise been; I’m confident that high levels of surreality will again be attained. The art style, as usual, is pleasing to the eye.

Also, the particular titled parodied are quite clever. I wonder what other books could be so amusingly ‘adapted’.

New Dresden Codak!

Posted in Reviews, Science Fiction with tags on December, 2009 by melendwyr

The latest edition is up. About time.

Dresden Codak: The Sleepwalkers

Posted in Things You Should Read with tags on September, 2009 by melendwyr

Mr. Codak has produced another comic!

It’s visually stunning, scientifically intriguing, and – ultimately – humorous character development.

It’s a shame it takes so long to produce new content, but the stylized-painting style is really worth it.