Okay, let’s try this again…

I had been holding off on doing things like blogging while I was trying to find work.  Then I found some and was too busy to start it up again.  Now I’m looking, again, and I think I’ll try some different strategies.

I don’t know how regular updates will be, but there will be some, in the near future.

5 Responses to “Okay, let’s try this again…”

  1. Congrats on finding work

  2. It was somewhat sad that the top post was on 50 Shades. Glad you’ve got something, anything, to displace it. Also, good luck on the job search. Nobody likes doing it, even employers, which I imagine is a form of job security for those who’ve been hired.

  3. The problem with looking for work in a college town is that there’s lots of competition for every conceivable position. And the employers are not only comfortable with blowing off employees, they’re used to being blown off.

    This sucks. But at least I chose it, as opposed to having it chosen for me.

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