Gravitational Waves Found

I’d been wondering how long it would take to find evidence of gravitational waves (assuming that they existed at all).

Unfortunately, if I understand the news reports about today’s announcement correctly, there’s still no direct observations of such waves.  All the detectors made to find them have failed.

Which is in itself odd.

But now we have observational evidence strongly in favor of the inflationary model of the Big Bang, in which the anomalous uniformity of the universe is explained by assuming the universe’s rate of expansion was initially quite large and then slowed.  I am personally excited about this because of the peculiar implications this has about the possibility of faster-than-light travel.  Yes, it’s a very distant and implausible horizon.  But finding a way to send anything FTL requires first demonstrating conclusively that a phenomenon involves effects that aren’t restricted by the cosmic speed limit.  And the expansion of space-time seems to be just such a phenonemon.

One Response to “Gravitational Waves Found”

  1. But FTL travel along these lines would require the ability to *contract* space between yourself and the destination – you would need to control the expansion, and give it a negative sign.

    What can I say? …Good luck?

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