Unpleasant Discoveries

A few days ago, I felt bad about having so little content here.  So I thought I’d throw together a quick post about a particularly funny panel series in a favorite comic and its philosophical implications.  (Because there’s no kind of funny like heavy funny.)

But when I went to the webcomic’s site to link to that particular gag, I found that its author had deleted the entire thing.  It seems he’s releasing a book (good!) and doesn’t want its material freely available on the Net (not so much!).

This made me realize that many of the links down the right side of the blog didn’t work or were outdated.  And even more of the private links to people and sites I’d built up here have become invalid with time.

So, I’m going to be making an effort to trim away all of the dead links, and be more timely in drawing attention to the good stuff I find out there.  Before it’s gone forever.

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