I’ve put myself in a bit of a pickle.

I normally avoid pop culture – not because I think I’m above it, but because so much of it is terrible, in accordance with Sturgeon’s Law.  So I’m quite uninformed about pop cultural developments much of the time, which makes avoiding it that much easier.  But then came the Internet, which is so good about informing people about stuff that it spills over onto the people who aren’t even trying to be informed.

I recently became aware that NBC has made a series about Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter, which leaves me dumbfounded and horrified.  In a bad way.  I’ve been very fond of Thomas Harris and  his novels – although not so much the latest about Lecter’s childhood and early adulthood, which were supposedly written under pressure as another author threatened to bring out his own novel on the subject unless blocked; and not so much the adaptations of his novels, which leave out all of the interesting complexity.  Hannibal was particularly weak, I thought.  And Graham is the most intriguing of Harris’ protagonists, especially as he doesn’t exactly get a happy ending.

Anyway, the series airs tonight.  And the critical reviews are highly complimentary.  Except – publicized and commercialized reviews necessarily show their target in a good light, else they wouldn’t be ad fodder.  Also a lot of television reviews are, shall we say, not quite to my taste.  So – do I watch this, risking the possibility that it’s a shameless money grab sullying the delightfully wretched icon of Harris’ work, or avoid it and risk missing something that I might actually enjoy?

At least this serves to divert my attention from my actual problems.


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