What a great comment!

Ooh, ooh, take a look at this comment left by ‘ohwilleke’ – odd handle, that – whose blog is Wash Park Prophet.

I don’t suggest that the points it contains are correct or incorrect. But they’re presented intelligently and clearly – it’s a cogent argument made well, and it is likely to induce thoughtful examination in readers (at least, those interested in the subject in the first place). As I hadn’t come across ohwilleke’s writings before this, I can’t say to what degree the comment is characteristic. A quick read of the top pages of his blog suggests that it may be.

This is the sort of stuff I always wish there were more of the Internet. I plan on keeping his site in my view in the immediate future and suggest you do the same.

One Response to “What a great comment!”

  1. My surname is Oh-Willeke, hence the handle. Thanks for the compliment.

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