Dresden Codak vs. Eliezer Yudkowsky?

See the latest update of Dresden Codak ( #9 of the Dark Science series). Does anything about it seem… familiar… to you?

As per request, a link has been added to the comic in question.

6 Responses to “Dresden Codak vs. Eliezer Yudkowsky?”

  1. nazgulnarsil Says:

    still bitter? what was the central conflict anyway?

  2. Would it kill you to link?

  3. fructose Says:

    Yeah, I don’t get it. Is Yudkowsky supposed to be the old science-priest or Kimiko? Someone else?

    • Huh. I thought the association between Yudkowsky, his former communities and the people within them, and the behavior of the science gurus in the comic mapped quite well.

      Deciding truth by voting hypotheses up and down, gross misrepresentations of basic principles of reasoning…

      Maybe it’s just me.

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