‘Piss Christ’ Destroyed

See Guardian article here.

Thoughts: 1) What a stupid piece of ‘art’. 2) What a stupid museum for showcasing such a stupid piece of ‘art’. 3) The protesters and vandals aren’t much better.

As far as I can determine, it wasn’t even a government-funded gallery. A privately-owned picture, shown in a private gallery, open to the public – and people protest it? Not wanting your tax dollars funding art you find objectionable or unaesthetic I can understand, but I see no reason those hundreds of people should have been concerned about the situation as it stood. What business is it of theirs?

It’s especially stupid because the photograph in question can presumably be recreated with its negative. Unlike a painting or most sculptures, photos are usually so easy to replace that destroying them is meaningless… except that the museum is going to continue to display the damaged photo, “to show what barbarians can do”. Arguably the vandalized ‘art’ is even more valuable in a monetary sense, and a case can be made that it possesses more artistic value now than before!

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