I’ve had it…

I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with Razib Khan’s combined failure to apply the standards of scientific reasoning and basic courtesy on his blog.

Recent posts, which ended once again in Mr. Khan’s closing of the thread, have annoyed me past the point of endurance.

4 Responses to “I’ve had it…”

  1. i hope that means you never lave a comment on my blogs again! 🙂

    • Your arrogance and stupidity are offensive enough, but if you could take as well as you dish out there’d be nothing to criticize.

      Instead you whine like a spoiled child and remove or edit posts – or even worse, close entire threads.

      I suppose we should consider it an improvement that for the past several months you’ve tended to go straight to the admin functions without all the breast-beating first…

  2. Which threads were those?

    He does seem to have less patience now than I remember from years back.

    • There have been a variety of incidents, with the final straw being his closing of the comments on the “Fair and Balanced” circumcision thread.

      It’s the worst possible response of all the available courses of action. Now it’s impossible for any comments discussing the merits and flaws of the linked article to appear, all of the tangential comments are still there, and nothing was accomplished.

      I’ve been meaning to get around to writing a series of posts on circumcision, but I’ve been putting it off, not least because I do not have access to much of the past research I came across when I first investigated the matter. But I may have to go ahead anyway.

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