Outrage Expiration

Is there a limit to the length of time a text can be out in the public eye and still generate outrage? I ask because I’ve come across a rather startlingly bad book that’s been in print for decades. Is my umbrage still valid, or is it too late?


6 Responses to “Outrage Expiration”

  1. Meh. I suspect outrage is more noticeable shortly after a work is first published, because that’s when it typically receives the most interest, but I think outrage is justified as soon as you are made aware of the travesty that apparently is the book you just read.

  2. What book is it?

    • I’ll see if I can manage to write and post something about it… at which point your question will be answered.

      It involves a still-living quasi-celebrity of science popularization, though.

  3. And anyway, it’s new to you.

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