Losing Interest

I find myself increasingly bored with Stargate: Universe, to the point where I don’t think I’ll be giving it any further attention. It’s becoming a soap opera, which sudden yet inevitable betrayals which are shockingly reversed, and then reversed again. Meanwhile there isn’t enough storyline complexity to give a sense of reality, and there aren’t enough plot developments which stretch across multiple episodes in a meaningful way.

Plus, the characters still aren’t acting intelligently enough, and their stupidity is dumb rather than being a human flaw.

I don’t think the show’s writers have enough experience in writing non-episodic stories in episodic formats.


2 Responses to “Losing Interest”

  1. Turning into soap-operas seems the normal evolution for shows. One thing I like about the old Law & Order is that the episodes are all self-contained, so I don’t have to have followed anything before it. It’s been a while since I watched even that though.

    • Yeah, but L&O is designed to be so interchangeable and easy-to-begin-watching that it has no real development and is extraordinarily formulaic.

      It’s actually intended to be so easy to watch and predictable that you can tune in halfway through an episode and not feel you’ve missed anything.

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