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Losing Interest

Posted in Reviews, Science Fiction, Uncategorized with tags on May, 2010 by melendwyr

I find myself increasingly bored with Stargate: Universe, to the point where I don’t think I’ll be giving it any further attention. It’s becoming a soap opera, which sudden yet inevitable betrayals which are shockingly reversed, and then reversed again. Meanwhile there isn’t enough storyline complexity to give a sense of reality, and there aren’t enough plot developments which stretch across multiple episodes in a meaningful way.

Plus, the characters still aren’t acting intelligently enough, and their stupidity is dumb rather than being a human flaw.

I don’t think the show’s writers have enough experience in writing non-episodic stories in episodic formats.

Aargh, Weather

Posted in Gardening on May, 2010 by melendwyr

The 90% percentile date for the last spring frost for my region is April 27th, so the actual final frosty night usually isn’t until the middle of May.

But lately the 80-90 degree Fahrenheit days everyone was getting used to have reverted back to 40-50 degree days and cold, cold nights. We had one night go down to the 20’s – the very same day that my watermelon seedlings finally sprouted.

The transition from winter to spring to summer has gotten a lot more chaotic these last few years. Last year we had a major frost June 1st, and the shifting from warm to cold weather caused a lot of perennial damage, especially among trees. I suspect we’re having the same pattern again this year.

Climate change, or just bad luck? One swallow doesn’t make a summer, but how many aphoristic avians does it take before we can draw the obvious conclusion?