Missing the Point

I don’t know that there’s much of anything that any one of us can do to help the environment on Earth Day. Short of curtailing some near-criminal abuses we might be considering, there aren’t many changes in our daily routine that would really make that much of a difference – and if there were, they’d probably need to be implemented for longer than a single day.

But having schoolchildren use markers to decorate paper bags, and then giving those bags to local retail establishments to use – if anyone happens to request a paper bag – is less useful than doing nothing.


3 Responses to “Missing the Point”

  1. I considered picking up “The Rhetoric of Reaction” today, but got “Rational Choice in an Uncertain World” instead. That sounds like it’s off-topic, but you’ve got a good perversity+futility combo there. Unlike some people, I don’t consider “reactionary” a bad word.

  2. Chris T Says:

    Given our penchant for having a ‘morality balance’, sometimes I think having specific days like Earth day are actually worse then doing nothing.

    • In that they give people an excuse to do something ‘good’, then feel that they have karma to expend by something something ‘bad’ and enjoyable?


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