The Outsiders

It’s not clear just how exceptional William James Sidis actually was. For statistical reasons alone, the frequently-made claim that he had an IQ of 250 is nonsense, and the obvious interests that his family had in promoting recognition of his genius make the assertion even more dubious (if an invalid claim can be said to be rendered more invalid).

But he was extraordinary, there’s no question about that. The question is to what degree intellectually exceptional people match the stereotype of isolated, emotionally-stunted weirdos.

This essay should be read with care, and sifted with great delicacy. But it’s an interesting series of ideas worth considering.

2 Responses to “The Outsiders”

  1. nazgulnarsil Says:

    the internet is helping. children who were formerly without peers with which to discuss their ideas, and without resources (in the case of a lack of understanding mentors/parents) now can more effectively fall into the “double life” paradigm.

  2. Doc Halister Says:

    I am one of the outsiders, sad to say. I live like Sidis. Five degrees from four major universities…but unemployable.

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