Obviating Family Politics

I can’t speak for you, O Reader, but I don’t want the political system to be based on any kind of parenting style. (Or is that perhaps the style wherein no parenting is done?) I don’t want a warm, nurturing authority figure to take care of me and make everything better. Nor do I want a cool, distant authority figure to impose justice and order on an unruly and dangerous world. Frankly, I don’t particularly want a parental figure of any kind involved in politics.

So how then should I deal with the people who want to re-enact their family issues on the nation- and world-stage? Because, judging from the past hundred year’s worth of elections, it’s a very popular choice.


One Response to “Obviating Family Politics”

  1. How about the parent who moved to another city after the death of their spouse, letting the older of their large Catholic brood take care of the younger, mailing back a portion of their paycheck after first giving the Church its share? Worked for my relatives.

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