Ignoring the Tiger

I rarely bother reading my local newspaper. Not only does it tend to lack valuable content, and fill up the empty spaces where such content should be with gimmicks like serially-written stories penned by local readers, but its ‘analysis’ is sorely lacking.

Take a look at this editorial.

I wish I could at least ascribe the virtue of novelty to that sort of commentary, but statements like those were all over the place immediately after the recent Supreme Court decision regarding corporations and monetary donations. What really offends me, however, are statements like these:

Corporate giants can now use unlimited access to the media to buy and sell votes; to intimidate elected officials; to control the democratic processes; and to drown out free speech with the sheer weight of their money.

If our culture has degenerated so far that the amount of money donated to a campaign will determine the outcome of elections, then I fail to see what is actually being lost by permitting it. If the people are so uncritical and mind-numbed that their votes can be ‘purchased’ by bombarding them with advertisements, they’re not capable of participating in a functional democracy in the first place.

Don’t even get me started on the absurdity of the idea that speech is only “free” if people are forced to listen to it.


3 Responses to “Ignoring the Tiger”

  1. nazgulnarsil Says:

    well supporters of democracy either need to be handy with the duct tape or in total denial. is anything other than confused quacks really expected when the cracks become obvious?

  2. Robin Hanson beat you to it.

    “Jeff Kern” also doesn’t understand that the 14th amendment has nothing to do with McCain-Feingold.

  3. I expected others would say similar things, earlier.

    I’d been meaning to write something about that editorial for some time; just didn’t get around to it.

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