Desperate Crimes, Desperate Measures

So – Rodrigo Rosenberg, the lawyer from Guatemala whose recorded message blamed President Alvaro Colom for his assassination, is now thought to have arranged to have himself killed. He apparently asked his cousins to hire hitmen for an unspecified target, gave them a description of himself, then sat about waiting for them to show.

I do remember wondering how the guy could have been so certain, ahead of time, that his prospective death would have been the President’s fault. He didn’t say that the President was probably to blame and should be investigated, or state what cause the President had to have him killed, he outright said that if he died the President would be responsible.

It seems that this man was convinced that the government – and Colom specifically – had several people killed because they were politically inconvenient in various ways. But there was no proof, and his suspicions weren’t actionable. He was depressed, not least because his wife was leaving him, and he decided to not only put himself out of his misery but to try to make trouble for the person he was convinced had evaded justice. Not a very good idea, since the staged accusation was easily discovered and if anything will make it harder to pin anything against Colom in the future.

My first thought was that I totally wasn’t surprised about this whole mess. My second thought was that somewhere, some idiot is going to see the name ‘Rosenberg’ and claim this is another case of Jews staging crimes against themselves to gain sympathy. Not only did this guy not manage to pull off his fatal hoax, he’s given Holocaust deniers more ammunition in the process.

So, Rodrigo Rosenberg, you wasted not only your life but your death. Good riddance to you.


2 Responses to “Desperate Crimes, Desperate Measures”

  1. I don’t remember wondering that because I never heard of him before this post. Do you have some particular interest in Guatamala?

  2. Nosferato Says:

    what a dumb thing to do …

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