Their Lips Are Moving

In the aftermath of the barely-aborted “Christmas Massacre”, in which an alleged terrorist tried to blow up an airplane with a potent chemically-triggered explosive hidden in his underwear and was prevented from doing so only because his detonator was defective, resulting only in his setting fire to his pants.

Nevertheless, government heads quickly appeared on television, reassuring everyone vigorously and repeatedly that everything was fine, that travel was perfectly safe, and that the system functioned as it was intended to.

Humbug. How do you know when a representative of the government is lying, again?

If the system had worked as it was intended, the man could never have made his way onto a plane and managed to engage the detonator of a bomb. If the device had worked, the plane would have been destroyed; the fact that it did not has essentially nothing to do with our detection systems, aside from the obvious fact that the simplest and most reliable detonators can’t make it through a metal detector. No amount of removing our shoes or carrying shampoo in tiny bottles within plastic baggies are helping anything.

Given the terribly ineffective state of our anti-terrorist activities, I can’t help but wonder if there have been successful terrorist attacks that were passed off to the public as something else.


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