The Season of Obsenity

Let’s see. We’ve just come out of Hanukkah, the celebration of a miracle that supposedly occurred after the Jewish Taliban (your pardon, I mean “the Maccabees”) were successful in their struggle against more liberal and “Hellenized” Jews, reinstated their outlawed customs of ritual sacrifice and child mutilation, and ended the toleration of foreign practices and worships, banning all other gods and forcing the divorce and abandonment of foreign wives.

Soon we’ll enter into a liturgically minor Christian holiday that was worked over into something totally different so that people who insisted on retaining their seasonal celebrations could do so under the auspices of the One True Faith, in the course of which the balancing pagan spirituality was eliminated while the excess was retained. The result was of course our modern holiday of Christmas, in which people of all religions get together to spend money on junk and eat too much, bringing to mind the worst aspects of the Roman festival of Saturnalia. Oh, and we devote a significant amount of energy to the task of lying to our children about the existence of an obese elfin gentleman who brings recreational devices to those who have been suitably well-behaved; somehow the threat of coal and switches has become entirely an empty one, and the only children who don’t receive stuff are those whose families can’t afford it. And even then organizations rally to ensure that kids get stuff, as receiving things for no particular reason regardless of situation or behavior was declared an inherent human right some time ago.

Don’t even get me started on Kwanzaa.

At least Ramadan isn’t in December most of the time.


2 Responses to “The Season of Obsenity”

  1. What’s wrong with obscenity? Blasphemy is a blast for me!

  2. Nosferato Says:

    hmm, what did Ramadan do though?

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