Mind Over Ship

I was all set to write an extended review of David Marusek’s sequel to the earlier novel “Counting Heads”, and then I realized that Cory Doctorow had beaten me to the punch months ago.

I find I have little to add to this summation – excepting such merely personal details such as the fact that I enjoyed the novel but found some of its premises annoying.

I’m afraid that for all of its interesting ideas, it’s yet another science-fictional universe in which some form of vitalism holds sway – in this one, biological organisms somehow can form ‘psychic’ links that transcend space-time, and the local equivalent of AIs wants human bodies for this feature. This sort of thing is extremely tiresome – even if biology has tricks that we haven’t yet figured out, a society of superintelligences should be able to reverse-engineer any feature given enough interest and build it into their own hardware if they so desire.


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