Irreducible Stupidity

By now, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard about the McWhorter-Behe diavlog on, and its removal for unknown reasons.

So I have very little to say about that.

I would like to point out this post over at BH’s thread regarding the video removal, written by someone with the handle “IRQ Conflict”:

As for entropy. When is the last time you saw an organism gain information and order rather than lose it with time?

Gee, he’s got us there. [takes bite of sandwich] [swallows] I don’t recall any biological organism ever increasing in order and energy in any way… [takes bite] bwff I suppos thair mai bee [swallows] – sorry, shouldn’t type with my mouth full – but I suppose there may be some way in which living creatures might be able to increase their energy. [takes sip of beverage] I wonder what that might be?

I am reminded of the infamous Internet exchange in which a Creationist ridiculed the laws of thermodynamics by noting that they imply that there’s some large source of negentropy pumping energy and order into Earth… thus suggesting that, in his colossal arrogance, he did not permit himself to recall the existence of the Sun.


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