Gilding the Candlestick

Scalzi informs me that Hollywood has plans to remake Clue.

No! Why would you do that? This is officially the Worst. Idea. For a while.

I’m very fond of that ridiculous movie and its absurdly contrived mysteries. The actors are superb and the acting perfectly suited for both the setting and the premises. It’s a classic of the genre. Admittedly, a very silly classic in a very silly genre, but that’s not the point.


2 Responses to “Gilding the Candlestick”

  1. What genre would that be? Or what are some other examples?

    • Comedy mysteries, I suppose. Or mystery parodies.

      The finer the point that’s put on a movie’s genre, the more limited and exclusive the category becomes and (trivially) the more likely that movie is to be the most extreme [anything] of its genre.

      Comedic parodies of mysteries based upon board games, directed by (I think it was) John Hughes, and starring well-known actors including Madeline Kahn and Tim Curry? Yeah, Clue leads the pack in that category.

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