Cart Before the Horse

Steve Sailer makes a peculiar request:

I’m looking for practical suggestions for what the GOP can do to revive itself over both short and long run timeframes (e.g., 2009-2010, 2009-2020, 2009-2050).

Whether the GOP deserves revival is a question for another time.

It seems to me that the proper priority has been reversed. If you haven’t decided whether something is worth doing at the conceptual level, why try to learn how it might be done?

Clearly, a cost-benefit analysis is often used to determine whether to do something. But in those cases, there’s no question about what is valuable, just whether valuable ends can be achieved profitably.

Given the dead-end ideological stance the GOP has taken, why would you want to attempt to revive it if you hadn’t tied yourself to it already? (Like an anchor thrown overboard…)


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