The Last Resort

From the testimony of Frank Ricci, as reported in the Washington Post:

Our courts are the last resorts for Americans whose rights are violated.

What happened to revolution?

The concept of overthrowing the existing social order seems to have become the tiger in the room – people know it’s there but will never acknowledge it.


5 Responses to “The Last Resort”

  1. I don’t think most people even believe it’s there anymore.

    Maybe it isn’t. The military-industrial complex we have is a bloated monster, but it still packs a punch.

    • Revolution is a concept. If it no longer exists in people’s minds, for most practical purposes it doesn’t exist.

      I take your point, but consider: ‘revolution’ does not imply armed rebellion. There are usually alternatives, some of which are more profoundly damaging than physical force.

  2. I’m with David Friedman: revolution IS the hell of it.

    Could you elaborate on second point in response to EoT?

    • How much violence was involved in the Indian rebellion against British occupation?

      Rebellion requires non-cooperation with authority. Violence is not logically required.

      • There was actually some violent rioting which isn’t discussed much know. Furthermore, independence (aka secession) is much less threatening to the powers that be than revolution. It’s no fluke that America did not have the same troubles as France. It’s arguable their revolt was even conservative, seeking to maintain the privileges of the local elites.

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