Some of the Ethics of Organ Selling

From a pending comment at Frontier Psychiatrist:

but if we agree with it we agree that it is appropriate to treat the organs of humans as commodities to be bought and sold – which in my opinion is to treat them as less than they are truly worth.

Should we also prevent people from offering up their time and labor in exchange for base lucre? What about all those forced to take tedious and unpleasant jobs because they desperately need the money? Clearly such people should be removed from such employment and devoted to tasks better reflecting their true worth.

I fail to see how treating human beings as non-agents makes them more worthy of respect and honor. Or perhaps FP views people with contempt, and so such disregard of their choices DOES better reflect their “true worth”.

I can only regard the consequences of his viewpoint with great fear. A world structured on such principles would be a horror, a living prison for anyone who didn’t agree with the premises. I’m sure FP would love it, of course. That’s not the point. Anyone would love a world structured after their own opinions. Even if the choice were refused and the world left as it is, that would be the outcome of the person’s own choice. Forcing someone to alter the world who would prefer to leave it be is as horrible an imprisonment in reality as any other.


2 Responses to “Some of the Ethics of Organ Selling”

  1. I fail to see how treating human beings as non-agents makes them more worthy of respect and honor.
    Isn’t that part of the reasoning behind antiquated views on women? They were fragile things to be put on pedestals but not allowed too much autonomy and initiative.

    • And of course denying them autonomy and initiative prevented them from growing strong.

      A certain amount of challenge is necessary for growth, just as a certain amount of muscular activity is necessary to maintain tone, and stress exceeding that level is necessary to build it.

      Too much protection has always been an effective way of keeping people weak.

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