Timing is… Everything

My aerial radishes have proven very popular. And prolific – now I wish I hadn’t planted so many seeds in such a small space, as the plants are falling over under the weight of their burden and covering adjoining sections of garden. I originally thought most of the seeds would die, just as most of the other seeds I planted early in the year did, and so was totally unprepared for the eventual abundance.

The key to successful harvest seems to be picking the seedpods before they begin to ripen. At first spicy and juicy like a cross between a succulent green bean and a mustardy jalapeno pepper, the pods turn woody and stringy as they mature.

At least I’ll have plenty of seed to offer the other gardeners for next year – there are at least several hundred pods that have gone past the edibility stage. I’m not sure whether I should refer to them as Rat-Tailed or Aerial radishes, though. Despite the resemblance, people seem put off by eating something called ‘rat’s tails’.


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