My Ancient Enemy

The leeks and tuber-rooted parsley I planted months ago have finally sprouted.

Now, the only problem is my ancient enemy: the slugs. The slugs.

Scattering pine and spruce needles has helped so far, but that will acidify the soil until they break down completely, and that could take years. Crushed eggshells are also an effective slug deterrent and also raises soil pH, but getting enough of them will be hard.

The best organic solution would be shallow bowls or saucers of beer. The yeast in the beer attracts slugs, and the alcohol poisons them. Obstacle: as the garden is on university property, we’re obligated to follow university rules, which includes a prohibition of alcoholic beverages. The intention was to prevent students from drinking, of course, not slugs.

I’ll have to see if there’s an exception for pest control.

2 Responses to “My Ancient Enemy”

  1. Is there a natural predator of slugs? Does that natural predator have a natural predator? And will those predators die off in the next cold snap?

    • I had been planning to use a nearly-hairless species of ape to control the slug population. First cold snap would have finished them right off.

      Unfortunately, they mastered fire. Back to the drawing board!

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