Successful Foraging

A quick trip through the local nature preserve has some exciting results!

I’ve suspected for some time that asparagus grows wild throughout, but as much of the preserve isn’t easily accessible on foot (read: the paths don’t permit access to every square meter), I’ve been unable to confirm this.

Now passing by the garage in which the maintenance equipment is stored, I find a single stalk of asparagus, surrounded by half-a-dozen mown down stalks. I guess they thought they were a weed until it was mostly too late. I got some free stalks out of the deal, though, far later than asparagus is normally available. The bottoms are getting woody, and it would have been better to let the stalks grow to replenish the roots, but as they were already cut I might as well get some benefit out of it.

Another cluster of mystery garlic grows by a fence next to a pasture nearby. I’ll bet the herbicides sprayed to kill weeds hasn’t and won’t affect it much – and I can probably dig it up once the foliage starts to wither at the end of summer.

I’ve learned to identify ground ivy, and am considering trying an infusion – its scent reminds me of a darker and heavier sage smell, and the plant is supposedly rich in Vitamin C.

Oh, and I gathered a lot of dandelion greens. I need more leafy greens in my diet, I think. I just have to watch out for Vitamin A poisoning.


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