Mixed Progress

Well, some of the sowed seeds at my Community Garden plot – the ones I thought had died – have finally come up. A mulch of picked weeds seems to have helped keep the ground moist.

So my heirlooms, including the Native American Yellow Scallop Squash and the Bleu de Solaize leeks, survived.

On the darker side of things, my other garden plot was totally destroyed. My shallots, the rescued garlics, both plots of peas, the foundling ground cherries, a beebalm I’d received as a gift, both second-year sage plants, the bunching onion that resurrected itself from a compost pile to become a two-and-a-half foot wide bundle of leaf tubes and flowers, the native nodding onions – all gone. And I no longer have seeds for many of them, because I’d invested my entire stock in the plot.

It was claimed that the garden was “full of weeds”, a condition apparently associated with plants not growing in strict rows. Except the shallots and garlic, which were planted in rows.

The only thing preserved? The weedy catnip which grows prolifically around here, and which I’d left only because I have some friends with cats. He claimed he thought it was lemon balm.

And the garden fence? Cut apart with wire cutters to make a trelis.

One day I’m going to have to figure out what it is that both makes people claim they’re terrified of me, and act as though I’m entirely inconsequential and not important. How can you disregard someone you think is that much of a threat? After stealing from them for decades?


4 Responses to “Mixed Progress”

  1. That’s terrible – surely legal action and/or violence should result?

    • Legal action is impossible. I didn’t own the land on which the plot was situated, and only the owner’s word gave me the right to garden there. The decision to break that word was not criminal in a legal sense.

      The fencing wasn’t valuable enough for either the police or the courts to take it seriously. Even small-claims court would be indifferent. And while there were several hundred dollars worth of plants lost, plants are considered part of the property.

      As for the violence, it’s already been done. I see the Magisterial Judge to have the fine set in a few days.

  2. I was confused by the step from a single incident to the remark about decades. What has been going on for decades? And why was anyone saying you were frightening? And was this the owner who gave permission to place plants that destroyed the garden?

    • My brother, who habitually ‘reappropriated’ my possessions and owes me a substantial loan which he has made no effort to repay, was the one who destroyed my fence and my garden.

      My mother, with whom I am not on speaking terms due to her refusal to acknowledge that our blood relationship does not entitle her to interfere with any and all aspects of my life at her whim, was the property owner; she gave my brother permission to destroy the garden, violating her previous assurances and promises.

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