I just don’t seem to be very good at starting seedlings in situ. Strawberry Blite, Ground Cherries, Yellow Scallop Squash, the various herb seeds I sowed… none of it came up. I suspect the high winds and overall dryness of the Community Garden plot are contributing factors. The ground simply dries out too rapidly for germination to take place.

On the brighter side, my lentils are doing well, and the potatoes and shallots are performing far above expectations.

The garlic didn’t take to the transplanting well, and slugs ate the first leaves of Fireball and Spanish Roja, but it’s hanging in there.

The ground is mostly pure clay, much of which was brought to the surface when the plots were rototilled earlier this year. Hopefully my introducing massive amounts of compost will help improve soil tilth and nutrients – and more importantly, the ability to hold water.

I have some seeds left of a few things. I’ll try sprouting them at home, then transplanting them once they’ve grown.


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