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In honor of the exciting new virus that’s sweeping the world: Pandemic. A very simple game, but it can provide some moments of amusement. The music sets the mood nicely.

Another thought: among college students and those who interact with them, there is a concept known as “helicopter parents”. ‘Helicopter’ in the sense that they’re always hovering above. Even though their child has ostensibly left the nest to set off into the world, they need to protect and control their little darling. Any setbacks or difficulties, no matter how trivial or due to the student’s own screwups, bring them swooping down to demand that their offspring be given special treatment and exceptions. Bad grades? They’ll demand they be raised by the professor. Kicked out of class for poor attendance? They’ll demand the kid be reinstated.

Many college students have grown up in a world where their decisions are made for them, with the consequence that they’ve never developed any self-control or interior sense of guidance. So when they get out from under their parents’ wings, with no external authority to restrict them and no internal authority to hold them back, they go nuts. The children of helicopter parents are even worse in this regard.

This leads me to wonder: just how much does our schooling system, which teaches kids to be passive, not-self-directed, and uninvolved, condition citizens to be passive and uninvolved citizens who expect problems to be handled for them instead of by them?

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  1. That’s one of the things school is for. cf. John Taylor Gatto

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