Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire

‘Krud’ would have been a better name for the protagonist, I think.

I only saw a portion of the first episode, as I happened to catch it during a half-hour break. Usually I don’t like to form opinions of things without experiencing them fully and giving them a fighting chance, but that tendency’s been getting weaker and weaker as time passes.

Okay, so it’s a Comedy Central production and thus unlikely to involve cerebral humor. And it’s obviously intended to be baudy humor, judging from the promotional ads I’ve seen that free-associate the eponymous flaming sword with a penis. I don’t mind baudy humor. I’m a fan of Lexx, which was both surrealistic, absurdist, and quite tastelessly sexual.

But this show was simply horrid. Its lame jokes included but were not limited to the following subjects: temple prostitution, gang-bangs, medieval masturbation lubricants, mocking the protagonist for journal-writing, mocking the protagonist for missing cuddling with an ex-girlfriend rather than sex, and the sexual molestation of horses.

There’s no comedy here. There has to be a tension for there to be comedy. ‘Krod Mandoon’ isn’t pushing the boundaries, it simply doesn’t have any – and so it falls to the lowest possible energy state, as is always the case when there are no boundaries.

My recommendation: Avoid this show at all costs!


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