Attack of the Killer Biologist

Walking through the campus of my local university, I’m handed a flyer.

“Objections to Intelligent Design in Biology?” it says. “Come see Michael Behe!”

Oh, Good Lord. The local “Science & the Bible Club” is bringing in the infamous Behe.

The talk is tonight. I wonder if I should attend, if only for curiosity’s sake.

Ha! He’s listed as “New York Times best selling author” on the back of the flyer. Why exactly should we care about that list, again?


One Response to “Attack of the Killer Biologist”

  1. I would attend just to ask him awkward questions. If the first few pages of Pandas and People are any indication he has about as much logical reasoning ability as my 7 year old nephew. That book should be a case study for first year logic students.

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