People rarely praise my content, so when they do, I like to remember it. (Flattery works on me as long as you’re not trying to convince me of anything in the process.)

Thus, I preserve here my comment from here (note that some typos are corrected):

“Why don’t these people just start their own church?”

They don’t want a new church. They certainly don’t want a non-authoritarian one. They simply want to be the authorities, themselves. So they’re trying to force out the leaders and substitute their own judgment for that of their nominal leaders.

“open the door to the very thing religious people claim NOT to want”

Reality check: people only want the state to stay out of things when the state disagrees with the way they want to do things. When the state agrees with them, they’re all for the idea of it running everything, because then they’re in charge, if only by proxy.


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