Truth, Justice, and The American Way

Even more dark humor.

A question: what consequences will the officers enforcing non-existent laws face? Certainly imposing draconian penalties every time police officers make a mistake isn’t a good idea. But if there are no real costs to their doing so, what’s to stop them from making all of the ‘errors’ they want?


4 Responses to “Truth, Justice, and The American Way”

  1. Generally speaking, this is solved in a non-policy way. An officer makes a mistake that doesn’t, say, kill anyone, he probably has little or no penalty. If one makes a series of mistakes, then it’s time to take action. In some cases, internal investigations will turn up patterns of abuse that are not merely mistakes, and then penalties are severe (and criminal).

  2. I’ve complained a bit about the exclusionary rule at my own blog. Reading Bruce Benson’s Enterprise of Law got me thinking about that.

    I don’t have access to the linked article, so I’m just guessing about its topic.

  3. make a second police force and make them compete for business. make jails compete for prisoners. make courts compete for cases. problem solved.

  4. Even aside from developing a police record, there are plenty of possible negative consequences to being arrested. The loss of time alone is significant, and could cause someone to lose their job or fail to meet personal obligations.

    The fear of being arrested can be reasonably expected to deter people from doing anything that might attract police attention, even if it’s perfectly legal.

    Thus the consequences to the victim of false arrest and society are quite profound.

    The consequences to the officers who exercise their power inappropriately should be equally profound.

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