IQ isn’t Everything

See the story about a TV show that intended to demonstrate that top models are “brainless bimbos”.

After giving the model in question an IQ test that put her in the genius range, the program has been cancelled.

I don’t see why. Given that the woman’s stated ambition is to have sex with a man and three other women simultaneously, the show could not only have demonstrated that models often aren’t very bright, but that people with high IQs aren’t necessarily very bright either.

IQ measures, in a limited way, certain kinds of cognitive potential. It takes more than potential to be intelligent: the potential must be realized.

No one seems to be questioning the ‘bimbo’ part, I see.


4 Responses to “IQ isn’t Everything”

  1. Alternatively, the woman could be a very canny people-manipulator who has chosen an effective route to fame, status, and fortune.

    In that scenario, she’d just act like a dumb bimbo.

    Totally consistent with the available data.

  2. Perhaps she was too clever for her own good, as the show was cancelled.

  3. michael vassar Says:

    I’m not sure what the difference is between being a high IQ brainless bimbo and a high IQ canny manipulator who acts like a bimbo, assuming she does the latter off stage. Introspection?

  4. What a silly question.

    How could you distinguish between a chameleon and a lizard whose coloring hides it in its natural environment?

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