Totally Didn’t See This Coming

Registering at LessWrong is completely impossible.

I can’t tell whether it’s because the program’s been set to prevent me from registering… or whether the CATCHPA isn’t compatible with Firefox on a computer with lots of lag.

Why must people make catchpas that interact poorly when loaded?

Obnoxiously, you can’t point out problems unless you’re registered and logged in, so if there are any errors with those functions, there’s no way to mention it.

5 Responses to “Totally Didn’t See This Coming”

  1. I used FF2, and registration worked fine for me.

    Thanks for the unintended heads-up that I’m still using FF2 on this computer.

  2. By the way, what would be the point of preventing you from registering? Surely you have multiple forms of credentials and they can’t block them all.

  3. According to reports, there are issues using firefox 3 with the .org and .net urls – this may be related. try, and maybe it’s time to give Google Chrome a shot.

  4. Ah, but if I comment my identity will become clear.

    Names and avatars mean so little. Ultimately personalities are the way we recognize people on the web, and I think we can all agree that my personality is unmistakable.

    I can try to correct unjust comment votes, at least.

  5. Ben_Wraith Says:

    I didn’t have any trouble using Chrome.

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