It’s That Time Again

First thunderstorm of the year this morning! Woo!

Every other form of precipitation thus far has been frozen. The only moisture has come from the occasional thaw. But finally, crackling electrical discharges and a (relatively) balmy shower of rain appear outside.

Gardening season’ll be starting soon. The traditional time to plant peas is St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, although like most spring-planted vegetables they’re supposed to go in as soon as the ground can be worked.

The local university’s trying to form a Sustainable Ag Club, and they’re offering gardening plots to go with membership. I submitted an application form, but by the time they get around to assigning spaces the early season’ll be completely gone. Hopefully I can use the space to grow some warm-weather varieties, freeing up my home plot for cold-weather stuff. No biennials or perennials, though, unless they can be easily removed — it would be rude to plant something that the next person to be given the plot would have to dig out.

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