Kohlberg’s Moral Stages

See the Wikipedia article for a quick summation.

Just out of curiosity:

Which of the stages would you, O Moderately Beloved Reader, say you’re in?

Which of the stages, if any, do you think is the best? If you don’t think they can be ranked, why not?

Do you think that the idea of ‘progressing’ through stages is the right way to approach this issue?

Do you believe that the later stages are better than the previous ones?


4 Responses to “Kohlberg’s Moral Stages”

  1. To answer my own questions:

    1. Eighth.
    2. The eighth, probably. Possibly the seventh.
    3. I dislike the term ‘progress’, but I do think the later stages both require and are the result of greater cognitive sophistication.
    4. Yes – see #3.

  2. By Eighth, do you mean one beyond the theological / transcendental stage? Did I miscount?

    I think his ‘moral stages’ are too dependent upon particular (incorrect) ethical and meta-ethical theories for the questions to be meaningful.

    I especially despise his emphasis on justice, which I take to be a primarily political issue.

  3. It’s somewhat tongue-in-cheek: there are only six stages in Kohlberg’s theory.

    I’ve always thought that there are at least two stages beyond his sixth, possibly more.

  4. If he thinks lolKant is level 6, then I don’t think his categories are very good. Plus, I don’t know how you would be able to show that any framework is any better, except by some set of preferences.

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