The Rights of Families

Regarding this comment:

One of the problems I have with the US constitution is its excessive individualism. There is no place in it for the rights of families.

Yes I would override the individual’s wishes sometimes. But I am not a US citizen, and I am not bound by the US constitution.

I find that a fascinating idea — not one I approve of, necessarily, but interesting nonetheless.

If you would wish to establish such rights, what would they be? And what protections would individuals have against the authority of their families? Protecting the individual against the authority of the system was once a major component of American thought.


2 Responses to “The Rights of Families”

  1. The U.S Constitution is a fairly short document because it is not meant to cover the vast areas it is now applied to. That was the job of state & local government. It had to be ratified with a fight against supporters of the Articles of Confederation. In my view, it is unfortunate that the “Federalists” won.

  2. I was more interested in the concept of “the rights of families” than what level those rights would be implemented within.

    How would you even define such a concept?

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