The System of the World

Finally finished Stephenson’s masterpiece (I think I am justified in calling it that) a few days ago.

I will not go into detail, due to spoilers, but:

It contains one of the most remarkable ‘prison escapes’ I’ve come across in many a year of perusing literature and film.

The moderately-subtle hints about Enoch Root’s nature became blatant in The Confusion, and inescapable in The System of the World… which means I must mentally recategorize the novels from “mostly-accurate historical fiction” to “magical realism”. The introduction of another alchemist only adds to the confusion. (Hee…)

It would seem that a technological society is just an alchemist’s way of staving off boredom.


2 Responses to “The System of the World”

  1. while I would like to read The Baroque Cycle and Anathem at some point I have been a bit turned off from taking him serious as an author both from reviews and his previous books. While Snow Crash and Diamond Age were enjoyable, I found the Cryptonomicon to be an absolute bore. Reviews lead me to believe that his latest books are more like crypto and less like his other books.

  2. It helps to be a fast reader.

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