A Perfectly Cromulent Word

Regarding Shakespeare’s possible contributions to the English language:

From the Volokh Conspiracy: How Much Did Shakespeare Embiggen the English Vocabulary?

This is an even more fascinating topic than I had originally conceived. Kudos to TGGP for getting me to search on it.

I do think that Shakespeare’s free and creative use of words, regardless of whether he coined them personally, is important to his appeal – this forms part of a more general theory of entertainment and humor which I will elaborate upon presently. But the man is just surrounded by mystery and more mystery, enigmas wrapped in perplexities. I’m not sure I can dare to use him as an example of anything, now — the sheer controversy is near-blinding.


One Response to “A Perfectly Cromulent Word”

  1. Considering how much more often I read Volokh, I should have guessed the post I was thinking of was there. I guess I just focused too much on the domain and not enough on my own reading habits.

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