Note to Self: Potatoes

There are three kinds of potatoes:

Baking, which are dominated by one particular kind of starch and turn soft and flaky when cooked, the most common varieties of which are the Russets;

General-purpose, which have a more even mix between two types of starch and can substitute for either of the others in a pinch;

and Waxy, which have a different kind of texture and remain firm when cooked and tend to become thick and dry when mashed, and includes White and Fingerling potatoes.

When making mashed potatoes, get baking, not white, or else it’s like eating moistened flour or paste.


4 Responses to “Note to Self: Potatoes”

  1. I consider myself a connoisseur of mashed potatoes and Yukon potatoes are the best for mashing. The color is nice as well.

  2. People think I’m weird for eating raw potatoes. I just tell them I’m Irish. In reality I’m probably more Scottish and philistine.

  3. Raw potatoes have significantly higher levels of toxic compounds… and are hard to digest.

    Why in the world do you eat them raw?

  4. I’ve been told some of that as well. Sometimes I don’t feel like microwaving one and would rather just grab a potatoe to go and munch as I’m walking the dog or something.

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