Once Again, Succinctly

I thought of a better way to sum up my previous post:

Self-discipline can only be imposed by the self. If it’s not self-imposed, it isn’t self-discipline.

How many of our problems stem from our desire to find someone else to solve our problems for us?


3 Responses to “Once Again, Succinctly”

  1. This argument rests heavily on the “self”. One could argue that the self is not a unitary entity across time or that the division of parts of an interacting system into sub-components is arbitrary. I have to admit I make heavy use of the concept myself though.

  2. If you’re going to abandon the concept of ‘self’, then you also have to abandon the concept of ‘self-discipline’.

  3. Maybe acts of self-discipline can’t be imposed externally, but some preliminary evidence suggests that improved capacity for self-discipline can be imposed through working-memory training. Maybe in the future people low on self-discipline will pay others to force them to stick to programs like the one in the study.

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