So What Am I?

In a previous post, I briefly touched on what I am not. That does little to answer the question of what I am, though. The wedge of possibilityspace defined by ‘not a libertarian’ is immeasurably huge.

I suppose in some senses I could be called a Radical Green, except that I don’t associate with the Green party and am far more ‘extreme’ in my views than the vast majority of its members.

(People who point out that a position is ‘extreme’ as a way of discrediting it are, in my view, one of the worst kinds of idiots.)

There are some ways that I could be described as an anarchist, except that I cleave to the older and original meaning of the term (anarchon, “without authorities or leaders”), as I do with other sociopolitical terminology where I think a literal reading of the term is better than the concepts it has instead become associated with. See also: atheism in the common vs. literal sense. (I should really make a post about that tendency.)

Exhausting the political affiliations of the real world without finding an adequate description, I am forced to turn to fiction. Specifically, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, in which humanity shatters into seven ideological factions which battle amongst themselves to determine the fate of a satellite of Alpha Centauri A named ‘Chiron’, also known as ‘Planet’. The ideological group closest to my personal convictions is Gaia’s Stepdaughters, although I would remove the gender specificity.

So you would probably have to refer to me as one of Gaia’s Stepchildren.

2 Responses to “So What Am I?”

  1. Like Pentti Linkola?

    I never played Alpha Centauri, though it sounded cool. I stopped playing videogames a while back but I promised V.D I’d buy Age of Decadence when it comes out.

  2. “He has admired Stalinist and Nazi massacres, especially The Holocaust where “6 million” died by ‘ideally painless means’.”

    (raises eyebrow)

    Oh, and it’s ten-and-a-half million PEOPLE, not six million. I hate it when people act as though the Holocaust were only about Jews. There’s another four-and-a-half million people that are ignored when people talk about the tragedy of the six.

    Ignoring the Nazi-Stalinist specificity, it’s still foolish. Killing a few million people is like killing a few million cockroaches. Nothing is ultimately accomplished.

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