Start Small

I occasionally come across people who think that their country / society / civilization is going down the tubes and want to try doing things differently, their way instead of the way they’re currently going.

I am often amazed at how little interest they have in starting small, establishing functional societies, and letting things grow from there. They have dreams of altering society in one fell swoop, but don’t even consider establishing competing societies to slowly replace the defective one.

Once in a while, they actually attempt it (see the history of communes in the ’60s), but are rarely competent enough to pull it off.

Perhaps one sign of competence among those who want to change the world is the willingness to prove their principles on a small scale before tackling change on a larger level.


One Response to “Start Small”

  1. Wasn’t it the Wobblies who had the slogan “Building the new society within the shell of the old”? Kevin Carson is big on that.

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