Various unrelated thoughts

“Right-brain” thinking is often associated with gestalt, generalization, artistic perception, and metaphor.

Is metaphor just a special case of pattern recognition?  Analogies are usually verbal and linear, “left-brain” specialities.  What capacities are needed to identify a relationship in a sea of sensory data and produce a general model?  To identify a thing as belonging to a general class – isn’t that what pattern recognition is about?

I suspect this sort of thinking is the necessary counter to the idea that ‘intelligence’ is all-important.  Our conceptions of intelligence tend to emphasize the linear logic and word sequences.

And that’s not even touching the more advanced cognitive functions that we know cannot be measured by the most common ‘intelligence’ instruments.  Drawing conclusions about executive functioning by looking at IQ (because the two are correlated) is like determining who is obese by measuring their height (which is correlated with weight).

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