The Same River

[Sheridan]: “But it was still a terrible risk. After taking such care to hide what you really are, why take that risk?”

[Kosh]: It was… necessary.

[Sheridan]: “Well, as answers go: short, to-the-point, utterly useless, and totally consistent with everything I’ve come to expect from a Vorlon.”

[Kosh]: Good.

[Sheridan]: “You know, I’ve just had a thought. You’ve been back and forth to your homeworld so many times since you got here – how do I know you’re the same Vorlon? Inside that encounter suit, you could be anyone.”

[Kosh]: I have always been here.

[Sheridan]: “Oh yeah? You said that about me, too.”

[Kosh]: Yes.

[Sheridan]: “I really hate it when you do that.”

[Kosh]: Good.


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