The Only Constant

[Shadow Ivanova]:  “The Vorlons stand for order above anything else – no passion, no dreams, just discipline.  Obedience.  They’re frozen in place – an evolutionary dead end!  Why side with the old?  Embrace the new!  Grow through pain and struggle – conflict, and war!  You of all people should understand this.”

[Shadow Franklin]:  “Your race came out of the last war stronger, better.  How much better – how much stronger – will they be after this war?  You will rise from the ashes with a strength and power beyond your imagination!”

[Delenn]:  “Until you do it to us again…”

[Shadow Lennier]:  “It is the cycle.  It is the force of history itself.  You cannot win against that.  We have embraced it.  We’ve helped it along, by creating conflict:  weak races die, strong races are made even stronger.  Evolution must be served.  There is no other way.”

[Delenn]:  “No!  That’s what you want us to believe!

After all, if you destroy the Vorlons, they’ll never know you won.  They’ll never see that you were right, and they were wrong.  It’s about ideology.”

[Shadow Marcus]:  “Of course – what isn’t?”


2 Responses to “The Only Constant”

  1. Is this Babylon 5? I never saw a whole episode of the show, it seemed like Star Trek.

  2. Ben_Wraith Says:

    Yes, it’s Babylon 5. IMO it was a better and deeper show than Star Trek and they weren’t all that similar.

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